I’m an academic scientist doing research in Life Sciences at the University of Dundee in the UK.  You can read a brief biography on my research group website.

Any opinions expressed in this blog are mine and don’t represent statements by my employer…

As well as Sciency stuff I  write/play music for piano/synth and flute.  You can make me happy by trying my music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music Unlimited and other streaming platforms.  Older stuff is on SoundCloud.   You  can also find these links on my  Music Site.

Photography is a long-term interest…

I’m fairly active on twitter.



P.S.  Just to be clear.   I am not the Geoff Barton who is head of ASCL and doing great things for UK school teachers and education in general.  I’m also not the journalist called Geoff Barton who founded the heavy metal magazine “Kerrang!”.  I have been confused with both on occasion – once by a very irate bass player from a heavy metal band who was unhappy with a Geoff Barton review!